Story, Cast and Twists of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano


The Philippines, the country of the largest island groups, is not only popular for its hospitality but its film industry as well. Where all the television series produced in the Philippines are extraordinary, there is this creation of FPJ’s Productions that has become the longest series ever to exist on Pinoy Channel. However, the credit goes to ABS-CBN entertainment and Dreamscape entertainment, as well, for FPJ’s Ang probinsyano’s existence.

Since 2015, ABS-CBN has been broadcasting a television series that is known as the Philippines most popular action drama. Taking inspiration from Ang Probinsyano movie that released back in 1997, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, also known as, the Man from the Province or Brothers, has compiled a plethora of genre to produce an end product that not only entertains its viewers but also introduces them to the horrors of the world. From action to humor, every single aspect of emotion is covered in this drama.

FPJ's Ang Probinsyano


Filipino Channel is popular in several regions around the globe. However, the impact that FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is creating in the United States of America is remarkable. Filipino folks around the globe are all excited to be alive in an era where such a fascinating television series is available. In the last four years, there have been a plethora of GMA TV shows. However, the imprint that this particular series has left on the world is not easily replaceable. It has reminded the world of the power and dedication of the heroism of the Philippines. The intention behind making this series not only internationally famed was to introduce the younger generation, belonging to the Philippines, to the creation of the Filipino film industry.


The journey that FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano takes you is rough as it involves some extent of brutality. However, they show resistance to the main characters towards death. It’s a journey where those that are willing to fight remain alive at the end of the day. In this Pinoy TV series, giving up is not an option.

Curiosity is no longer going to be an issue for you as we disclose the story of Philippine’s longest-running television series. Fernando Poe’s direction takes you on a journey of two twin brothers. This three year long Pinoy teleserye has the most epic climax ever. Coco Martin’s double role successfully delivers a dramatic and suspicious story. Ador and Cardo, the two twin brothers, are alienated from a young age due to some financial crises. Even after a terrible childhood, they approached a career in law enforcement. Where Cardo is a Special Actions Forces Trooper, Ador is a police officer. Their dedication towards contributing to their country is solely based on their personalities and priorities. It has nothing to do with their pre-planning. Both of them grew up to have completely different lives. Where Ador is surrounded by the love of his family, Cardo leads a life of isolation.

The characteristic that matters the most in a television series is its story, you can pertain it as its soul. However, when it comes to certain stories, they are broken down into several smaller stories. It seems fine only if the stories are connected. When it comes to FPJ’s Ang probinsyano, the storyline consists of a centralized plot and everything seems connected through one way or the other. Either way, the connection is so strong, subtle and most importantly, unforeseen. This particular factor keeps the audience engaged.


When it comes to suspense and twists, Pinoy tambayan FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano always stands in the lead. Even though the whole separation at a young age is tragic, what comes next as the episodes proceed is even more devastating. Ador dies during one of his missions and Cardo is asked to be his disguise and hide the fact that his brother is dead. This situation puts Cardo in a tough spot because not only does he reunite with his brother after he is dead but, also, because he has to hide all his emotions and continue with the life his brother has left for him. The most important mystery here is the fact that he has to avenge his brother’s death. Will he even be able to do it before some other tragedy is thrown his way?

CELEBRITIES of FPJ’s ANG Probinsyano:

One thing is clear, for sure. The celebrities of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano are not only going to leave you dazzled, but also bashful on Pinoy TV. The good-looking gentlemen rolling alongside bewitching personalities of the ladies is a perfect combo that you surely won’t want to miss. The scenes are brightened up with the half-smile of Albert Martinez. It is a distracting moment when Coco Martin stares at you through the screen with his deep, ocean eyes. Then, of course, the show is enlightening with the presence of Filipino’s gorgeous actress Susan Roces. The stones are not all turned here. The legacy continues as you watch Bela Padilla, Maja Salvador, and Ana Roces carries you to the era of Royalty.


A total of seven seasons are out to date. There are four books written on Ang probinsyano. These four books are very well-written and executed by the team of this fascinating drama. The creator of these seven-season series is Rondel P. Lindayag. The story debuted in season 1 and then continued till season 2 has been taken from Book 1. Season 3 and 4 has been executed based on the story of Book 2. The stories of these four books have been very well planned out through the seven seasons. The story development keeps you more invested in the story. The action scenes that are carried out by Coco Martin are so perfectly executed by him that it gives him a fair shot on the screen and aware of the audience of his skills. The story played out through these seven seasons is not only thrilling but has certain emotions that allow you to feel sorrow. If you have, yet, not seen FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano then you should give it a try.