GMA Pinoy TV The Lolas Beautiful Show Replaced with Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw

The Lolas beautiful show that is basically a comedy talk show is aired on GMA Network and is a production of Television and Production Exponents Inc. TAPE. Throughout the country of Philippines, people love the idea of a comedy talk show in the afternoon. The Lolas beautiful show isn’t much older. It recently got launched on 25th September 2017 but it’s now ended and replaced with GMA Pinoy TV Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw. GMA Pinoy TV is also responsible for airing a cheerful show The Lolas Beautiful show worldwide. Famous writers like Roberts Raz, charlotte dianco, michelle ngu are behind the creativity of the show.


As a huge fan of the talk show, you might be wondering how the idea of it came into existence. Allow me to eradicate all confusions and explain it to you.

Basically, lolas beautiful show’s idea goes back two years when Eat Bulaga first released the three lolas on their platform. These lolas were named as Lola nidora, lola tidora and lola tinidora. These lolas used to turn any situation of a life into a reason to laugh and enjoy life. From there they became popular both on the Internet and on the Television. Therefore, they decided to launch their own TV show.


It is hosted by popular known TV hosts Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola. These three play the role of three lolas that were introduced on Eat Bulaga. Jose Manalo plays the role of Lola Tinidora, Paolo Ballesteros make people laugh by dressing as Tidora and Wallu Bayola is given the character of Lola Nidora that he has basically mastered.


I would definitely recommend you to watch the Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw. Each afternoon, people of all ages gather to spend 15-30 minutes laughing and having a good time. The episodes are not very long and therefore, you won’t have to miss your work in order to watch this Pinoy TV show of GMA 7.

GMA Pinoy TV The Lolas Beautiful Show Replaced with Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw