Eat Bulaga GMA Pinoy TV Show

Introduction of Eat Bulaga GMA Pinoy TV:

It is only due to the Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) that a Pinoy TV show as unique as Eat Bulaga GMA exists in Philippines. The name basically means, “Lunch time surprises”.  It has been about 38 years since the show has launched and without hesitation, it is believed to be one of the greatest shows GMA Network has aired on GMA Pinoy TV. On 30th July 1979, the world saw its first episode and since then, the show has successfully brightened every afternoon of the people of Philippines on Pinoy tambayan.

Eat Bulaga GMA Pinoy TV Show


Eat Bulaga GMA Pinoy TV is one of the most fun shows ever aired. It has even made its foreign appearance in Indonesia and through that, it gained a good amount of respect.

Let me talk about the ways the show enlightens your day.

Basically, the show allows the audience to engage in fun games, become a part of sketch making session, answer tricky questions in contests, and win lots of exciting prizes.


Eat Bulaga GMA TV show’s exposure is spreading throughout the country and there are many reasons for that. The first main reason is its idea of investing Philippines’ culture and traditions in young minds. Children and adults who enjoy the show unconsciously learn different concepts of their own country’s art and culture.


Due to the busy and tensed schedule of people these days, Eat Bulaga GMA Pinoy TV show acts as a guide to positivity and happiness, a path from which people usually derail. Hence, it is not only a way to acknowledge young minds with their roots of civilization, but also, leave a positive impact on the minds of adults.


Eat Bulaga is a must watch show and I hope your day gets better after watching it on Pinoy TV. You can watch this Pinoy TV Show free online at anytime.